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NOAA: Bowlin/ Mars Hill/Pattern, ME current weather conditions


This week has been a little challenging for the clubs as the warm temperatures certainly make it a little tough to groom when it get to above freezing and doesn’t get below for quite some time in the morning,  but clubs are doing the best they can.  This is the time of year when water holes begin to show up so, please use caution.  Also the edge of trails are starting to recede so please keep this in mind.  Trails that have had to share plowed sections of logging roads are also starting to get a little muddy.

The temps Friday night are looking like they will go into the teens so this will certainly help clubs get trails ready for the weekend.  The traffic has been steady so trails are taking a little bit of a beating especially later in the day so please ride responsibly. 

Clubs are starting to stretch their fuel budgets and with costly breakdowns they are feeling that financial pinch, so please if you see donation buckets in local restaurants, gas stations, and lodging accommodations please help fuel the fun.  Many clubs have had impressive memberships numbers lets see if we can get these clubs to the number one status in the State, we certainly can boast the best trails lets get these clubs to those big numbers.

Signs are put out for a reason, especially stop signs.  Please stop at all road crossings, trail intersections.  If everyone obeys these signs, then it is a much safer and better experience for everyone.

We all know that snow is getting deeper and those off corridor areas look inviting but there is a reason the corridor is where it’s located for a reason, please respect the landowner, and clubs wishes, and this will ensure that we have trails to groom in the future.

Lakes are becoming very slushy so if you are not familiar with a certain body of water then maybe staying on the trails is a better alternative.

Deer, Moose, and Turkeys are out on the trails and as the snow gets deeper there will be more and more out there.

Benedicta 3/9/2023

ITS-83 from Taylor Citgo to Whetstone Bridge was groomed late last night. The hill down into Whetstone was groomed twice! Please stay on the trails especially around waterways!

Report by: Snow Gang

Birch Point/Island Falls 3/9/2023

ITS 83 South to Sherman is all fresh for the weekday riders and the club groomed 60, ITS 112 and 62A overnight into Sunday morning. ITS 83 north and ITS 112, 62A, and ITS 83 south were groomed on Monday night. Normal grooming continues and conditions are great! The groomers will be out all week making sure the trails are in great shape for the Tame the Track races on Saturday.

Report by: Big Valley Sno Club

Bowlin/Mattagamon/Shin Pond 3/9/2023

No Report

Report by: Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club

East Grand 3/9/2023

No Report

Report by: East Grand Snowmobile Facebook wall

Houlton 3/9/2023

The groomer has been busy! ITS 83 from B stream to 105 Trail , 64/alternate ITS 83 to Tall Timber/Oakfield. Trail 105 to Denmark Rd. Trail 105A from pipeline to upper Denmark Rd. Get out and enjoy season is getting short….

Report by: Linneus Sno Sports

Macwahoc 3/9/2023

Nearly a foot of snow from the last two storms. Trails 1,3,and 110 groomed down at the beginning of the week. Seriously awesome sledding in the area. 

Report by: Eastern Maine Snow Riders

Littleton 3/9/2023

No Report

Report by: The Meduxnekeag Ramblers

Mars Hill 3/9/2023

Reporting trails are in good shape.  Please slow down on the plowed section of 83/   Plowed section in Bridgewater for 2.3 miles due to logging operation. #9 Lake Trail from ITS 83 in Monticello is closed due to a logging operation. As an FYI the restaurants on Main St. in Mars Hill are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so sledders should plan accordingly. Freshies’ deli is the only one open those days.  Also it is illegal to park a snowmobile on the sidewalk unless the town has passed this ordinance.  In Mars Hill please do not park or ride on the sidewalks except to cross them, there is ample parking out back.  They are asking people to slow down.

Report by: Central Aroostook SC

Meduxnekeag 3/9/2023

Excellent Trail conditions thanks to the hard working volunteers.

Report by: Meduxnekeag Ramblers

Oakland 3/9/23

The trails in the Oakfield area continue to be in great shape with the club grooming steadily. A reminder that ITS 83 north has been rerouted but signage will get you where you need to go!

Reported by: Smoki Haulers

Oxbow-Masardis 3/9/2023

No Report

Report by: Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club

Patten 3/9/2023

As always, the Snow Rangers are out grooming the trails. Reports are that conditions are excellent throughout the Southern Aroostook area.

Report by: Rockabema Snow Rangers

Sherman 3/9/2023

The Snow Queen at the club says the trails are great and all set for the weekend. A reminder that sledders north of Rt.2  Sherman ITS 83 will be a plowed Rd. for ¾ of a mile. Watch for trucks!

Report by: Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club

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