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NOAA: Bowlin/ Mars Hill/Pattern, ME current weather conditions

Now that there is a good amount of snow in the County, clubs are now dealing with more off trail riding. Remember that the trails in the County are in places where the landowner is wanting the trails. So please respect the entirety of the system and stay on marked trails. Clubs work thousands of hours to prep and groom trails and it takes one sled to ruin it.

Please use caution on this frozen body of water.

Benedicta 2/24/2022

reporting lots of ice in places so please use extreme caution. Enjoy, ride safe, and to the right!!!

Report by: Snow Gang

Birch Point/Island Falls 2/24/2022

No report

Report by: Big Valley Sno Club

Bowlin/Mattagamon/Shin Pond 2/24/2022

reporting 114 and 85 Thursday morning and reporting good conditions.

Report by: Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club

East Grand 2/24/2022

reporting lots of bares spots and ice so please proceed with caution.

Report by: East Grand Snowmobile Facebook wall

Houlton 2/24/2022

reporting lots of water holes, they will evaluate once the weather cools down. They will be out Thursday night and see if they can do anything.

Report by: Linneus Sno Sports

Macwahoc 2/24/2022

No Report

Report by: Eastern Maine Snow Riders

Linneus Sno-Sports 2/24/2022

reporting lots of water holes, they will evaluate once the weather cools down. They will be out Thursday night and see if they can do anything.

Littleton 2/24/2022

reporting that they need more snow especially on ITS 86, caution is advised as the trail enters the woods from the Foster Road crossing there is a big water hole, the tucker broke through. Fields are diminished to ice and dirt. Their section of 83 is icy but they are out with the tucker and coming out decent.

Report by: The Meduxnekeag Ramblers

Mars Hill 2/24/2022

Reporting that they received freezing rain and are asking sledders to be on the lookout for low hanging branches. They will be back out once the temps cool off. The section of the plowed area did bare up a little with last warm up and this latest warmup will not help so please keep a look out for dirt. Reminder of logging operation in Bridgewater. 2.3-mile plowed section, the landowner is going to allow the snowmobile trail to continue through this area if speed does not exceed 30mph, and yield to motor vehicles. If there are issues, they will close this section of trail down and the club will need to reroute 20 miles.

Report by: Central Aroostook SC

Meduxnekeag 2/24/2022

ITS 83 north to Monticello – ITS 86 south to Houlton – ITS 86 to Oxbow- 81 Club Trail. The storm last week made for some long days grooming through snow drifts, but the trails are beautiful and ready to ride! Don’t forget that Feb, 4,5, and 6 is Moose stompers Weekend in Houlton and the Club hosts the Saturday breakfast at the clubhouse on the Wiley Rd. in Littleton from 6am to 9 am. All are welcome. FMI information about Moose stompers visits their FB page.

Report by: Meduxnekeag Ramblers

Oxbow-Masardis 2/24/2022

reporting they will be out on ITS 85/81 during the day on Thursday. They are checking for blowdowns. North of Oxbow was groomed on Wednesday night, many trees needed to be removed. Trails will be hard and icy.

Report by: Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club

Patten 2/24/2022

ITS 81 to Shin Pond – ITS 112 to Island falls – 62 Club Trail north. Check out the trails and beautiful views of Katahdin on ITS 81N. In town trails, ITS 81N and 62 to Wilderness Variety and back to the Libby’s Lodge are groomed. There is a correction on the Shin Pond map. What is labeled as the 283 trails to or from ITS83 is currently re-labelled as 112. The section of ITS 112 that runs west to ITS 85 is not being groomed this year.

Report by: Rockabema Snow Rangers

Sherman 2/24/2022

reporting they were out on Tuesday. Slow down and ride right you are more apt to make it back alive! Also sledder headed wrong directions read your maps n watch signs on trails watch for wildlife on all trail and goats on its 83 Sherman be safe

Report by: Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club


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