Visiting Canada

Reporting to the CBSA
Snowmobilers crossing the border into Canada MUST first report to a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) port of entry for inspection. Failure to report to the CBSA may result in arrest, criminal charges and/or the seizure of your snowmobile and/or monetary penalties. Foreign nationals who provide false information could also be denied entry and be banned from returning to Canada.

CBSA Ports of Entry near Canadian Snowmobile Trails in New Brunswick
View a complete list, hours and map of all CBSA ports of entry in New Brunswick

CBSA Port of Entry   CanadaHours of OperationsUSCBP Port of Entry  
United States 
Hours of OperationsCanadian Snowmobile Trail Number closest to CBSA Port of Entry
790 Principale Street Clair NB E7A 2H6
  24/7Fort Kent, Maine – 0110
401 West Main St. Fort Kent, ME 04743
  24/7  Trail #41
66 St Francois Street Edmundston NB E3V 1E6
    24/7Madawaska, Maine – 0109
63 Bridge Avenue Madawaska, ME 04756
  24/7  Trail #12
Grand Falls
1015 Main Street Grand Falls NB E3Z 2X1
  07:00-19:00 (Atlantic Time)Hamlin, Maine
200 Boundaryline Rd Hamlin, ME 04785
  6:00-18:00 (Eastern Time)  Trail #111
St. Croix
2785 Route 4 St. Croix NB E6J 2A7
  24/7Vanceboro, Maine – 0105
133 Water Street Vanceboro, ME 04491
  8:00-20:00 (Eastern Time)  Trail #755
St. Leonard
10 Dupont Street St Leonard NB E7E 1Y1
  24/7Van Buren, Maine – 0108
173 Acadian Way Van Buren, ME 04785
  24/7  Trail #12
St. Stephen 3rd Bridge
20 St. Stephen Drive St. Stephen NB E3L 0B5
    24/7Calais, Maine – 0115
3 Customs Street Calais, ME 04619
    24/7  Trail #770
Woodstock Road 1403 Route 95 Belleville NB E7M 4Z9  24/7Houlton, Maine – 0106
Route 95 at the Border Houlton, ME 04730
  24/7  Trail #440

PLEASE NOTE: The six (6) metre cleared area (slash) along the Canada/United States (U.S.) border is NOT a “border neutral zone”. The side of an international boundary marker that you are on is considered to be the country that you are in. This means that anyone riding the six (6) metre cleared area (slash) along the Canada/U.S. border could be in violation of either Canadian or U.S. laws.

Bringing Goods Across the Border
When you enter Canada, you have to declare all of the goods you acquired while outside of Canada, such as purchases, gifts, food, plants, prizes or awards that you are bringing with you or are having shipped to you.

If you bought goods at a Canadian or foreign duty-free shop and they are still in your possession, make sure to include them in your declaration.

You must also declare any currency or monetary instruments you have valued at CAN$10,000 or more. This amount includes Canadian or foreign currency or a combination of both.

If you are a Canadian or returning resident, make sure you also declare any repairs or alterations you made to your snowmobile, vehicle, vessel or aircraft while you were out of the country.

You must declare all weapons and firearms to a CBSA officer when you enter Canada. For more detailed information on importing a firearm into Canada, including licensing, registration and permit requirements, consult Import and Export a Firearm or Weapon into Canada.

Canadian cannabis laws are clear: Don’t bring it in. Don’t take it out. Transporting cannabis across the border in any form, including any oils containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD), without a permit or exemption authorized by Health Canada remains a serious criminal offence subject to arrest and prosecution, despite the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Border Reminder Checklist

Plan ahead for a smoother border crossing. Keep this checklist handy and be prepared.
Make sure you carry proper identification for yourself and any children or minors travelling with you. You must be able to confirm your legal right or authorization to enter Canada at the border.

If you notice anything unusual:

• DO NOT attempt to involve yourself;

• Make a note of the incident, including all appropriate details;

• Call the Border Watch Line at 1-888-502-9060. If it’s an emergency, immediately call 911.

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