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Beddington 00/00/2021

Report by: Airline Riders SC

Calais 1/8/2022
Well, our season has finally begun. We’ve started getting some trails packed and inspected. Currently the waterfront walkway is not accessible. It will be open this week. Please use caution if you’re out. Trails are still thin.
Report by: Sunrise Snowmobilers Facebook page:

Cherryfield 1/8/2021

Report by: Narraguagus SC web site, Facebook page

Danforth 1/27/2021

Trail 105 south of Danforth groomed on 1-26-22 but thin and rough in wooded sections. Loop trail #7 servicing the Greenland Cove area on East Grand Lake groomed and brushed on 1-25-22. Trail 105 north of Danforth groomed last week and is in fairly decent shape considering the thin base. caution, 2 miles of 105 off of route 1 in Weston are plowed (but they are leaving a thin base of snow for sledders) due to logging and the landowner should be done hauling wood out this week. The last 2 days we’ve done some major brushing with our brush cutter mounted on our drag behind the Bombardier in anticipation of the storm this weekend. Except for our local trail 1 in Weston, all trails are well signed. New trailhead signs have been installed with QR codes that will take you to our new website www.egsnow.org for the very latest trail conditions, to download maps, join and make a donation to the club. We’ll update our Facebook page and website as trails are groomed with a trail report, at least once per week if not more often throughout the season. To get the latest news north of us on connector trail 105 contact Linneus Snow Sports, to the south west of us on 105 , 110 and 3, contact Quad Country Snowmobile Club in Springfield. Both actively post updates to their Facebook pages.

Report by: East Grand Snowmobile Club web site, Facebook page

Downeast Sunrise Trail 1/9/2022

here is what is known about trail conditions at this time. groomed from mile 32 1/2 to mile 47 (cherryfield stretch to jonesboro), mile 70 to mile 87 and beyond (east machias to Ayers Junction, perry)there will be no grooming today because of above freezing temperatures. (currently 36 degrees and rising)side note: it was reported that the trail from mile 16 to ellsworth has been torn up by “mountain sleds with large picks” currently plan will be to groom that section tomorrow 1/10 if temps drop as forecast updates as they become available

Report by: Sunrise Trail web site or Facebook page


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