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Bucksport 00/00/2021

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Danforth 1/22/2022
(Updated 1-22-22) Thursday morning we panned 105 Route 1 Weston to intown Danforth and 105 S to the Skillinger Road. Troy panned from our trailhead with Linneus in Haynesville (105). Panned the Two Mile Turn Road to the Highland hiking trails but not any further south towards Greenland Cove. Trails will be thin until we get a decent snow fall. Overall 105 from our trailhead in Haynesville at what we call the outhouse to Danforth is not in that bad of shape, 105 south of Danforth is rough in the wooded sections (nothing to cut with the blades yet without cutting frozen ground and breaking the drag) and best when there is a good gravel road underneath. Two miles of the Kimble Farm Road off Route 1 in Weston is plowed but thinly snow covered. Logging is done but they are keeping it plowed until Cowger’s finishes hauling the wood out. Please go slow out of respect for the owner traveling on that road. We’ll need more snow and some volunteers to check the east side of Sucker Lake (trail 7 loop trial) for down and leaning trees over the trail before we can groom that section. We desperately need volunteers to brush 105 south of town, almost broke the groomer window Thursday. We’re few in numbers and do what we can. See contact info at bottom of our webpage.
Report by: East Grand SC

Enfield 1/21/2022
Trail Update: The groomer has been out panning! There is still minimal snow in the heavily wooded areas but even with the limited amount of snow the groomer was able to establish a good base. Our Trail Crew has also been hard at work cutting trees and signing. With a little more work and more snow our trails will be great for sledding. If your going out, be cautious of the thin snow in the woods. Everyone do your best snow dance!

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Lincoln 00/00/2021

Report by: From the Lincoln Snowhounds SC Facebook page

Orrington 1/22/2022
Early riding conditions out there so use caution if you venture out.
Report by: Orrington Trail Riders Facebook, or visit our website

Springfield 1/19/2022

The trails are now open.

Please use extreme caution because of the snow conditions, and possible downed trees from the wind.

ITS 105 to Danforth is still closed. This trail needs to be signed because of logging operations.

Report by: Quad County SC web site, Facebook page


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