FEMA Disaster Relief 2023

Many of you have asked if there will be any help with repairing bridges and trails affected by the December 18th, 2023, storm. This storm brought heavy winds (70mph) and rain to most of the state, destroying bridges and causing major erosion issues to the snowmobile & ATV trail network.

Here are some guidelines for clubs to know if you are applying for any FEMA funding related to the December 18th, 2023, storm. Damage in these counties are eligible: Androscoggin, Franklin, Hancock, Kennebec, Oxford, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Somerset, Waldo, and Washington.

1)      Deadline to apply is March 28th, 2024. Here is the link that each club will need in order to be considered for FEMA funding:                                                 

https://www.maine.gov/mema/grants/public-assistance-grant-program Each club needs to apply by filling out a Request for Public Assistance or (RPA) on this website.

2)      Any club that is certified as a 501C3 are eligible to apply for this grant.

3)      Any club that is certified as a 501C7 is NOT eligible.

4)      The minimum amount that can be applied for is $3,900.00 per project. For example: Bridge repairs would be considered one project, lost culverts would be another project, renting equipment to remove downed trees is another project. One club could apply for all three of these different projects with one application.

5)      The disaster number for this December storm is DR4754.

We were hoping that we could put in one application from our office and combine all the clubs into one, but FEMA is requiring each club to do their own. Once the RPA is entered, someone from FEMA will reach out to you over the next few weeks. Estimates for the damage will be fine for this application, as this will get the process started. Better information will be needed as the projects get underway.  Any questions will need to be directed to the office of the Maine Emergency Management Agency. 207-624-4400. We hope this helps your club get much needed funding to repair the damaged trails.

Joe Higgins

Brian Bronson

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