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NOAA: Eagle Lake /Caribou, ME current weather conditions

Again, Mother Nature is being wicked difficult. The Northern part of the County received several inches of snow on Tuesday night and never got that warm as the Central and Southern parts of the County.

Clubs in the Northern areas are in very good condition with more snow to work with and not as icy as the Central and Southern areas. Because of the rain and warm temperatures on Wednesday some of the low-lying areas will have water collecting, granted the temperatures are good for freezing and can allow for sleds to cross, but not for groomers. This might be case in certain areas and trails might get beat up.

Want to have studs and scratchers as some of the trails are very hard and icy in places. Reports are lakes are still slushy so if you are on any frozen body of water, please use caution.

Clubs in the Central Aroostook area woke up Thursday morning to fallen tree’s due to a powerful snow squall. Please be on the lookout for downed tree’s
The Deer and Moose are really liking the white carpet that all clubs are laying down, so if you see tracks on the trail this means they are out on them, so please use caution.

Now that there is a good amount of snow in the County, clubs are now dealing with more off trail riding. Remember that the trails in the County are in places where the landowner is wanting the trails. So please respect the entirety of the system and stay on marked trails. Clubs work thousands of hours to prep and groom trails and it takes one sled to ruin it.

Long lake has not been staked this year. please use caution on this frozen body of water.

Allagash 2/24/2022

Reporting that their trails are in good condition, have been out all week long. Trails are open all the way to Glazier and Beau lakes. The groomer turns around 10 miles before Estcourt Station. Remember going out this way stop at Chamberlains to fuel up as there is no gas in Allagash, while there a must stop is Two Rivers Lunch.

Report by: Moosetown Riders, Inc

Aroostook River 2/24/2022

(Mapleton, and Castle Hill): Reporting they had everything groomed before the warm spell and will be out once the temperature drops. 

Report by: Aroostook River Snowmobile Club or visit us on Facebook

Ashland 2/24/2022

Reporting that they are currently out now on Thursday morning out on ITS 85, they are reporting a slush hole on 85 just north of the Wrightville road, it is marked and should freeze up by days end. Watch for pooling of water that will refreeze. Watch for deer coming into town especially near the IGA.

Report by: Ashland Sno-mobile Club

Caribou 2/24/2022

Reporting good conditions. Will be holding off on going across town until Thursday night as the water holes might be an issue with the groomers. Other than that, trails are in good shape. There is a logging operation on ITS 83 in the New Sweden area, they are plowing a 1-mile section of the rail bed and this operation will last until the end of February.

Report by: Caribou SC

Caswell 2/24/2022

Reporting that they were going to be out Wednesday night. Parent’s Country store is located right off the border trail and have something for everyone. They are carrying all brands of oil, including Amsoil. They also carry phone chargers, gloves, spark plugs, and snowmobile tow straps.

Report By: Pleasant Ridge Riders website

Central Aroostook 2/24/2022

(Mars Hill, Blaine, Bridgewater, and Monticello): Reporting that they received freezing rain and are asking sledders to be on the lookout for low hanging branches. They will be back out once the temps cool off. The section of the plowed area did bare up a little with last warm up and this latest warmup will not help so please keep a look out for dirt. Reminder of logging operation in Bridgewater. 2.3-mile plowed section, the landowner is going to allow the snowmobile trail to continue through this area if speed does not exceed 30mph, and yield to motor vehicles. If there are issues, they will close this section of trail down and the club will need to reroute 20 miles.

Report by: Central Aroostook Snowmobile Club

Chapman Ridge Runners 2/24/2022

Reporting that all trails were groomed before the warmup and will be back out on Thursday.

Report by: Chapman Ridge Runne

Eagle Lake 2/24/2022

Reporting they groomed ITS 85 North and South and 120 on Wednesday night and trails are in great shape.

Report by: Eagle Lake Winter Riders

Easton 2/24/2022

Reporting all trails were in good shape before the warm spell and will attempt to get back out Wednesday night.

Report by: Easton Trailbreakers

Fort Fairfield 2/16/2022

Refer to Facebook … nothing reported since Feb16th

Report by: Fort Fairfield Snowmobile Club

Fort Kent 2/24/2022

reporting they had received 4 inches of snow on Tuesday and would be out Wednesday night and the rest of the week. Trails are in good shape.

Report by: Fort Kent SnoRiders

Frenchville 2/24/2022

reporting that they have all trails groomed as of Wednesday morning.

Report by: Frenchville Snowmobile Club

Grand Isle 2/24/2022

Reporting they are in good condition and trails are very nice. There is a logging operation on 81c going through the woods near the tower just as the trail crosses the golf course road. They also have club swag and if you happen to go by the groomer shed and someone is there stop on in.

Report by: Cold Mountain SC

Limestone 2/24/2022

Reporting that they groomed everything in their system except the Club trail.

Report By: Limestone Snow Hawks

Madawaska 2/24/2022

Reporting they were out Wednesday night and reporting good conditions. They did ITS 83, 81, 83C, and 98B.

Report By: Madawaska SC

Portage Lake 2/24/2022

Reporting they were out last night and will be out all week long into the weekend. They will be doing 90 and 85 Thursday night and again Friday night. When leaving town on 85 North the first 2 miles are loaded with deer due to a winter harvest operation near the trail, use caution and this is a great place for picture taking, remember to pull off the trail if you do stop. Please use caution as deer are everywhere closer to town.

Report by: Portage Lakers SC

Presque Isle 2/24/22

Reporting they are out doing ITS 88 the old CP rail line and 83 which is their other rail line. They will hold off going through fields until it freezes solid to pass with the groomer.

We have had landowners saying people are not staying on trails- some of these markings guard early Tree Plantations so please stay where the trail is and don’t take a shortcut across a seemingly empty field. Check our club’s Facebook page for daily updates on snow conditions, club activities or to become a member.

Report by: Presque Isle SC

New Sweden, Westmanland 2/24/2022

Reporting they groomed everything on Tuesday night and now letting it cool down and will be back out. NorthStar variety is now selling non-ethanol gas.

Report by: Nordic Lakers, Inc

Squa Pan Lake 2/24/2022

Reporting that they are up and running and will have it all done for the weekend.

Report by: Walker Siding SC

St. Agatha & Sinclair 2/24/2022

reporting they groomed all trails last night and reporting good condition. Moose activity on 83 near Route 161, please use caution. They will be out on 83 during the dayew reroute is working out well.

Report by: Red Arrow SC

Sly Brook (Soldier Pond) 2/24/2022

Reporting all of 96 and 73 were groomed as of Thursday morning and no drifting and no reports of trees down. setting up nice. Please keep an eye out for moose, as the snow gets deeper, they will walk on the trails where it is easier.

Report by: Sly Brook Sno-Riders

St. Francis 2/24/2022

reporting they groomed ITS 92 and down to Carter brook.awesome!!

Report by: St. Francis Sno-Angels

Van Buren 2/24/2022

Reporting the trails are in good shape. The problem water spots were covered over last night.

Report by: Gateway SC

Washburn 2/24/2022

Reporting That they are out inspecting trails for any trees down and will be back out to groom. Please note that there is a water hole on 105 Just passed the 90w intersection. Trail 61 is closed due to logging, please do not ride this trail. The kitchen is open Friday 8-2, Saturday 7-2, and Sunday 7-12. Hopefully we’ll get a decent amount of snow from this storm passing through on Saturday!

Report by: Washburn Trail Runners


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