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NOAA: Moosehead, ME current weather conditions

Greenville 1/18/2022
So yesterday’s storm was better than nothing. A couple machines went out last night to pack. Road sections really good, wood sections thin. Ride with caution as there are hazards and think SNOW.
Report by: Moosehead Riders SC Facebook page

Kokadjo 00/00/2021

Report by: Kokadjo Roach Riders web site.

Rockwood 00/00/2021

Report by: The Birches Resort website

Rockwood 00/00/2021

Report by: Blue Ridge Riders Facebook page

Shirley 2/21/2022

We had a short warm, wet spell last week which put a damper on the excitement of good snow. Where the rocks and stumps had been covered up on the woods trails they are showing again, use caution. The main trails are hard packed and with school vacation this week will be seeing a lot of traffic.

As always. remember you are not the only one on the trails. Watch for other sleds, skiers and dog teams.

Report by: Shirley Bog Trail Busters, or visit us on our Facebook page


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